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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Micro-thongs and Ants

I am slowly trying to clean up the house after all the Christmas festivities. This is a slow process, because I am not motivated and the kids are underfoot. Hopefully, it will be cleaned up before Easter. A side note, I live in the woods and the last couple of days there has been a lot of gun fire. I know people are deer hunting, but it is disconcerting to hear it so close to the house. I also just heard a transformer blow and the lights flickered. My neighbors called to say they have no power, I feel lucky. It is 20 degrees and 20 mile an hour winds, it is not a good day to have no power. This is also another bummer about living in the woods. Back on track, while cleaning my son's room I found these little pieces of fabric on strings. After studying them and thinking it through I realized they are thongs. Teeny, tiny little thongs, is there such a thing as a micro-thong? Now, my question is why even bother wearing one? Why not go commando, that underwear is serving no purpose what-so-ever! You are probably asking why I am not worrying about thongs in my son's room. Well, he is six and my 20 year old niece just spent four days with us.

I am a granny underpants kind of person. I have nice looking underwear, but for a good day, you need comfy underwear. People swear by thongs, but I am not sold. A friend was shuddering over panty-lines. A real discussion ensued on that topic. If we addressed the war on terror as assiduously as my friends attack panty-lines, we would have world peace in no time. I just can't get riled up over panty-lines. First, who cares and second who is looking?

I can get riled up over ants. I cannot get rid of them. I feel like I am going to drive up my driveway one day and there will be nothing but a giant anthill. They will not vacate the premises. I think ant spray is really love potion. A trick of the manufacturer so you will continue to buy the product. The ants reek of bug spray and yet they do not die.

Tomorrow we are back to school, work and chemo. Back to the same old routines, it has been nice to lounge around in our jammies.

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