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Monday, January 11, 2010

TrueBlood and Fusible

I was given Season One of TrueBlood and am addicted. I think I might have to get HBO. I didn't realized the graphic nature of it and put it on in the airport. Oh my, was I mortified. I think I got it off before offending everyone around me. WOW! I will sit around all day and read a book, but felt appalled when I thought about doing it for tv. I am going to have to pace myself.

I went up into my sewing room to actually do a project. I have the idea and the drive to do it and...no fusible. I never seem to have the exact thing I need to complete something. I always have spare pieces of fusible floating around - nothing. I am going to make a quilt square a month to remember an exciting event. I made a paper-pieced "45" and was going to fuse on a saguaro cactus to show my trip to Phoenix. I also am going to add a pin from Taliesin West. I really recommend that tour when you are in Phoenix. Frank Lloyd Wright was absolutely fascinating.

I have been wearing UGGS all day and my feet smell absolutely terrible. We all groan about Ellen's feet after wearing hers and now I can join her ranks (no pun intended). Those boots say no socks needed, but I think you do that at your own risk. I am going to wash my feet with as little water as possible, since my septic system is broken. Home ownership is perilous to the pocketbook. My friend has been having appliances, etc. break at her house and someone, seriously, told her that is from the negative energy she is giving off. Just another example of a disturbance in the force.

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