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Monday, February 22, 2010

February Quilt and A Happy Day

My February quilt is finished.  Of course the big thing this month was snow.  That is what my quilt is about.  It is quite a cute quilt in real life.  In this picture I took, it doesn't look like much.  The picture is January and February on the refrigerator.  I was so happy the kids wanted them to be there and not up on the tackboard in my sewing room.
I had a very happy day - so far.  It was so nice to be back at school!  I had not been there since February 2nd.  It was great to chat with my co-workers and see the cute 2's.  My kids are still cuddly, fortunately, but cuddling with a toddler is something special.  I watched one of the 2's while his mom had a conference.  We snuggled into a chair and he sat and sang the ABC's.  It was nice and soothing, I miss my children as babies.  I feel lucky to work in the pre-school.  We finally celebrated Valentine's Day.  The class gave Jen and I dinner for tonight.  It was such an unexpected and completely thoughtful gift!  Happy, happy, happy!  They also included chocolate - whoohoo!!

I came home and did some quilting as shown above, and just puttered on misc. quilt stuff.  My house is freezing, but I have a little space heater and a labrador in the sewing room with me.  It is cozy.  I look out at a bird nest and remember hearing the baby birds from the summer.  I hope they return this spring.    It is starting to rain, which will hopefully wash away a good portion of the remaining snow.  It isn't pretty anymore, it is just annoying, especially down in the city.   A guy came by spray painting a line in the snow, I am assuming to point out what needed to be removed.  Well, that is just a big DUH!  You can see what needs to be removed, even the untrained eye. 

Rain, rain come today
and wash all the snow away

Ian has been working on vocabulary.  He got my attention to say, "Mom, I am going to doff off my clothes."  Doff off is funny!!    I think the men's bob sled teams need to doff off those bodysuits they are sporting.  It isn't pretty, actually downright embar-ass-ing,  and why is the camera at backside level as they are bending over to careen down the track?  We are right at the exact height of the butt slap that each one gets from their coach.  Heh, heh.  It ranks right up at the top with football players dumping the water container on the coach, after every game.  They laugh every time.  Every time!

Sloopy got his new lacrosse equipment.  If I had let him, he would have worn the cleats to bed.  He took them in for show-n-tell today, which happens "every seven days".  Which I hope meant Monday. 

Ellie B. had a field trip to see the Science Center and an IMAX show on Lions.  Well, El is extremely squeamish.  She had her head ducked down as she watched an hour and a half of lion kills.  She was not a happy camper! 

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