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Saturday, April 3, 2010

News and Stink Bugs

I try not to watch the local news, it aggravates me.  I watched a couple of days this week and came away with these stories, concerns, issues.  I need to stick to the weather only.

One day last week the city named the day, "Kate Amara Day", because she is moving to DC.  Why name a city day after someone who isn't going to live in your city anymore?  Why didn't they name it after her when she was a resident? 

Back-aways, I discussed the number of stink bugs, the news had an etymologist on to talk about stink bugs.  Here is the dirt on these bugs.  "They have no redeeming qualities, I just murder them," says the odd-ball bug guy.  He said they came from Asia to Allentown fifteen years ago.  Really truly, how do they know this?  Little tiny suitcases?  Credit card receipts for roach motels? Footprints?

Don Dwyer is a Maryland state representative who tried to get the D.A. impeached for the gay rights bill.  Now I don't know the legal aspects of this, but what I do know is this guy is a scary nut.  He actually said, "it is right and righteous."  Wow, a lot of ego and judgment packed into that statement.  This guy is truly a loon and to make it worse, an elected loon. 

"If you mind your own business, then you won't be minding mine."- Hank Williams

I then heard on NPR that Henry Heller, another state lawmaker, is trying to get a bill passed that won't allow first cousins to marry - each other.  Maryland is one of nineteen states that still allows it, who knew.  I went to the website cousincouples.com to get the facts.  We are the only western country to have these laws.  Turns out almost anywhere you want to you can marry your cousin.  Now I like all my cousins, but never enough to even think about marrying them. Truthfully in my 45 years of life it never crossed my mind that so many people wanted to keep it in the family.   I guess it makes family reunions easier.

The lawmaker dropped the issue, "he had concerns that this bill would lead to a debate over gay marriage."  WHAT!!  WHAT?  I am sure all these gay couples are clamoring to get married so they can marry their cousins!  What is the matter with these people?  Under no circumstance do I feel I am being represented. 

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