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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Adventures of Chummi Bear

Spring is here and the bears have left their dens in the wilds of Alaska.  Chummi has decided he would like see the world.  He is on his way to Baltimore, Hon. Ellen, Ian, Ned and I will be showing him the sights and then send him off another leg of his journey.  I won't be able to send him off into the big world without a little quilt to keep him warm.  If you would like Chummi to visit you, just leave a note in the comment section, otherwise he will arrive somewhere at random.   He will need to be sent on his wanderings with a picture and a little memento of his travels.  It will be exciting to follow his adventures.


  1. He should visit Portland! Explore the Oregon wilderness :)


  2. After his visit to Baltimore, he can visit Oregon.