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Monday, April 12, 2010

Ahhh and Vocabulary

Ahhhh for Monday being over.  It was a good day, just a very long one.  I realized that if I expect the kids to change their clothes, then I actually have to have some clean clothes for them to wear.  Laundry was my afternoon activity.  Some days are spent moving things from room to room, it is amazing the things I find in the weirdest places.  I wish I could find Ian's floor, but it is covered with Lego creations.  I don't have the heart to move them, the boys have worked hard on the masterpieces.  It is very furry in there, since I can't safely vacuum. 

Thing One and Three ride the bus home on Mondays and then we drive out to McD to pick up Thing Two.  Tonight we went to Rita's for snowballs, or whatever it is they have.  That place has seven thousand choices on the menu and I never understand the differences.  I got a soft-serve with sprinkles which I think is actually custard.  I just can't figure it out.  I had six kids with me and ordered drinks for two others.  The girl behind the counter should get a medal.  Fun was had by all.

I read "The Road" and it was depressing as hell.  Hell being the appropriate word here.  If there is any cataclysmic event I will be one of the first to go, because I have NO survival skills.  The book was as I expected, a good read but grim. 

I don't have much of a speaking vocabulary, but I have always been good at learning and remembering words.   I like words.  I like spelling.  This book really had a lot of words that I didn't know.  I drug out the dictionary, instead of looking online.  I thought it would be easier, sad to say, it is easier on online.   I felt better about the list after realizing eight of the words must be made up, no definitions were listed.  Here is the list of words I did not know, that are real.  I won't include the meanings, you can look them up if you are interested: discalced, kerfs, claggy, rachitic, catamites (yuck), palimpset, chert, davits, bindle, vermiculate.  I also didn't know where Tenerife is, I am bad at geography. 

Last week when I ate lunch with Helen one of the other residents was complaining that they hadn't had fairy cakes in awhile.  She was quite sad about this.  The rest of us were sad, because we had no idea what fairy cakes were.  Turns out she was talking about cupcakes, the waiter (rat guy) told us.  April has been a month for learning new words.

Earlier Ned informed me that his brain would stop working without candy.  I could embrace this idea, M&M's as brain food works for me.  I keep saying Ned is a genius.  Speaking of M&M's.  Someone told me they think the M&M's commercial makers are republicans, because they always use the red M&M.  I will put on the dunce cap and fess up to the fact that I did not know the R's are red and the D's are blue.  I am sure I must have known this at some point in my life, but I really had no clue what this person was talking about.  The argument being that EVERYONE knows the blue and green are the most popular colors, so the makers must be republicans to always use red.  I think this discussion proved that candy is not brainfood.  It might also prove that I know some really odd people, except I do make this all up, so I am the odd one.

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