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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Most Scared I Have EVER been!

Holy Shit, is how I start this.  Those of you who live here know that Greenspring Avenue is a really busy street.  The bus stops and lets the kids out to cross the street of traffic.  I always walk out to meet the kids, unlike one of the other moms (not Joy). I wait until EVERY kid is off the bus.  Today a Shred-It truck came up over the hill and stopped pretty close to the bus.  All the kids got off and we were walking towards the car.  Ned dropped a baseball and ran out into traffic.  He was on the white line, as I turned to grab him.  The Shred-It truck slammed on his breaks and I jerked Ned back by his backpack.  The truck driver and I stared into each others eyes with absolute terror.  This is all within three seconds!   Boy did I let him have it, that was way too close!

Yesterday, I had lunch with Helen.  I introduced myself to one of the wait staff.  He said, "Hi Miss Toni, nice to meet you.  I once had a gay rat named Miss Toni."  Now, this is too weird and random.  

I have been following the story of the Chinese miners trapped in the mine for a week.  One of the miners said he survived by eating bark.  In a mine, where would you find bark?  Is this a translation error?  They found most of them alive miraculously.  Yesterday, there was a mine explosion in West Virginia.  They are still searching for some of those miners.  I can't imagine being a miner, working in the deep dark would do me in.

On the way to school yesterday we discussed whether or not Ian wanted a cup for lacrosse.  I told him I would get him one if he needed it.  Ned pipes up that he wants and really needs one as well.  At practice Ian comes up to tell me that one of the boys got hit in the nuts and wasn't wearing a cup.  Well this kid was playing goalie with no pads and is four feet wide and four feet high, he is a human target.  His Dad happened to be there and said, "way to take one for the team, son."  I just don't get this at all.  I don't want Ian or Ned to take one for the team on any part of their body, this is what padding is for. 

The kids got drinking cups in their Easter baskets.  Unbeknownst to me Ian took his cup to school.  He kept telling me his cup was in his backpack and I kept saying I hadn't bought him a cup.  He kept telling me there was one, finally I told him to not wear it.  I had no idea where it came from.  He of course was talking about the Easter cup and I am thinking he was talking about the bun for his hot dog.  You find out that with boys that there is just a lot of whanker talk.

I planted lettuce.  I am quite excited about this.  I am not a gardener, but figure I will be safe with lettuce.  The dogs won't touch it and hopefully it is close enough to the house to keep the deer away.  I love salad.  I hope it grows.  It is very cheery. 

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