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Friday, April 23, 2010

A Concussion and Tears

Yesterday was a long day.  I had lunch (fortunately a good one) with a friend recovering from surgery and then I drove out to school.  I went early, because I thought it was going to storm.  It ended up being beautiful weather.  As I was carrying up all the boys stuff a mom came to get me, because Ned had hit his head.  He was on the monkey bars and a bigger boy knocked him off.  We got ice and into the car quickly.  I was explaining to Ian and Ellen about concussions, when Ned starting throwing up.  I told the kids we were going to the hospital and poor Ellen fell apart.  She is so squeamish and sensitive to medical stuff.  I ran them home and they rallied to help me clean up Ned.  I was back on the road in five minutes.  I took Ned to GBMC and we were in a room within five minutes.  The staff last night was awesome!  They did a CT scan and it was normal, just a concussion.  They let him sleep until 11:00.  When they woke him up he drank water and ate crackers.  He was able to walk around and talk with the doctor.  They released us.  Ned asked me to take his picture to "remember his adventure."  I don't want anymore of these adventures.  I took a picture of him just after arrival, so you can see the improvement.  The staff kept staring at him and calling him an angel.  I don't know if Ned is angelically fiendish or fiendishly angelic?

It was nice to be able to come home.  Ned asked to sleep in my bed and then reached over to hold my hand.  He is a sweet little man. Hoover cuddled up next to him and we were sound asleep. 

Here are some of Ned's quotes from the long evening.

I hit on solid mud.
That kid was crazy.
I did a fart, so my lungs must be working now.
We had an adventure.

In the hospital after Ned was asleep I talked with the kids to let them know Neddy would be fine.  On top of all of that, poor Ellen burst into tears over the book she has been assigned for a book report.  As I mentioned above, she is squeamish.  In the book she is reading people are dying and she doesn't want to read it anymore.  I am going to call and talk with her teacher today.  No matter how hard we try, no matter what we do, our children still get hurt.  It is heartbreaking, parenting is the hardest job.

Ned and I are spending the day on the couch!

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