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Friday, September 24, 2010

Where is Chummi Bear and Squirrels

First off, I want to say that birds do eat the stink bugs.  Yesterday a flock of birds flew in and went nutso eating all of the bugs.  It was weird!  A million stink bugs are still around.

Ian wants to know where Chummi Bear is, does anyone know what he is up to?  He seems to be lost somewhere in the pacific northwest.  Hey Chumster keep us posted.

My 2011 monthly quilt project is going to be squirrels.  I really enjoyed doing monthly small quilts, but don't want to do events again.  I got a cute pattern of a squirrel and will vary it every month.  Would anyone else like to join me? I will send you the pattern, the rest is up to you.  I may make a sample to show off.  This year I have not been buying fabric.  I have done existing projects or used scraps, but for "Squirrels Gone Crazy" I am going to buy some fabric in Houston!  I NEED NEW FABRIC!  I am so excited for Houston.  Teri is going to go also - whoohoo.  I will meet up with Cheryl and hang with my quilting pal, Amanda.  Anyone else going? 

I am off to pick Ellen up, she has been camping with the 7th grade for the last two days.  I bet I will have an exhausted and cranky child.  I am sure they had a great time!


  1. Ah! We hadn't noticed your shout out to us!!! Thank you so much!! And we are in the process of changing our submissions page...it reads far too complicated. SO PLEASE, send us a link to your breast cancer quilt, we'd love to see it!!

    Are you heading to Houston for Quilt Market?!? We are jealous...and we want lots of tips because we will be in Salt Lake for Spring Market '11!

  2. PS Now we follow AND I fed your fish! :)

  3. Will Chummi be going to Houston?