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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Things I don't Want That We Have Had

1. The last day of summer.
2. Ian to have ringworm.
3. Ian to have GIANT blisters from poison ivy.  I took him to the Dr. and he "popped" them.  Internet says to never pop them - arghh!!
4. A mosquito in my bedroom.
5. Foot scrubbing, because boy's feet were black.  Eewwwy gross!
6.  Two revolting slugs mating on the house.
7.  Repeated projectile vomit from the friend we took to the State Fair.
8.  Ian to have had a "foreign object" removed from his foot.
9. Having drinks with a guy and having him discuss his colonoscopy.

I have repeated this many times, probably ad nauseum, but someone told me "if you go from the premise that children are gross, then you can live easier."   I totally agree, but sometimes it just gangs up on you.  A whole lot of yuck lately!

1 comment:

  1. You had drinks with someone?

    I have selective reading. Sorry about the colonoscopy talk. Obviously he hasn't read Dating for Grownup.