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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gooks Balore

I haven't posted a book entry in awhile and it isn't because I haven't been reading.  I have been reading a lot actually - mucho time in waiting rooms.   I read two fabulous books this summer and so keep thinking about them in my head.  The first book was "Cutting for Stone", I was amazed by this book.  I was expecting depressing, because it is about Indian characters doing missionary work in Ethiopia.  A beautiful book.  It was sad definitely, but not oppressively so.  I really suggest this book, it brings up many issues of kindness, faith, love, compassion, care for the sick, human frailty and strength.  I will go so far as to say this is one of the best books I have ever read.

The second book banging around in my brain is "Handling Sin" by Michael Malone.  My friend, Amanda, gave it to me.  I was daunted by the 800 pages, but got sucked in quickly.  It is a series of events that happens to the most boring, banal, set-in-his-ways, small town guy.  He is basically sent on a scavenger hunt by his dying father, it is a comedic genius of a plot.  I won't and can't even tell you all the situations that befall.   I would like to hear how the author kept it all straight.  The beauty of it is the surrender to faith and family, even in a cruel, unpredictable, illogical world.  The author is southern through and through and really turns a phrase. This is an excellent read.

I have the following on my nightstand:

The Lost Book Series 1-4, Ted Decker
Silo, Leif Peterson
Missing, Leif Peterson
Bad Mother: A Chronicle of Maternal Crimes, Minor Calamities and Occasional Moments of Grace, Ayelet Waldman

Ellen is reading and loving the "Red Pyramid".
Ian is reading and loving the "Lightning Thief".

A high-five to Rick Riordan for both these series!

Ned was being bothered by Ian, that sibling thing.  Something along the lines of  "you can't read, you aren't really reading, tell me what that word is, etc..."  Ned with quiet dignity tells him, "I am reading the pictures."  Ned was "reading" his favorite book "Nubs".  Yes, Ned could almost read the book word for word from memory.  Learning to read has many levels!  p.s  Ned can read, just chooses not to unless under duress.  "Nubs" is a very cute book!

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