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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crazy People and a Cat Quilt

Yesterday, I went to BJ's.  I was going to label BJ's as my heading, but that sounded too racy. As I was standing in line with the crazy people, I wondered why am I here.  Why did I do all this for pretzels?  I of course got all my stuff loaded on the conveyor when the checker had to dash off for a price check.  A price check in a warehouse takes forever.  I didn't realize a woman was standing behind me until the checker told her he was closed.  She started yelling that she had been waiting forever and had been in this line way too long.  Now the african-american woman in front of me starts yelling that she just lined up and hadn't been there long at all.  The woman behind me yells really loudly, "I ain't talking to your crazy ass!" Oh man, the fur is flying and there I am standing in the middle.  I am trying to look inconspicuous, when the woman in front says, "if anyone should be complaining it is this woman and she ain't saying anything" and she points to me.  OH, I so don't want to be involved.  I shuffle, nervously laugh and hope for a hole to swallow me.  I probably looked mentally deficient.  The woman behind me finally moves off with a lot of muttering and grumbling, but the women in front don't let it go.  They are "talking under their breath" loud enough for every other aisle to hear.  The best line was, "she over there with a cart full of shit, talking trash."  I have to look up to see what she is buying - toilet paper.  I get the giggles.  The sentence could just have easily been "she over there with a cart full of trash, talking shit." T  Do the rest of you have these "crazy ass" situations?

I got inspired to do my September quilt.  It turned out fabuloso and the front of the refrigerator is filling up. 
Tiny Cat is doing well, she just spent the last 45 minutes chasing her tail. 

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