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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Asking the Right Questions

I am going to go talk about misunderstandings on a small scale, nothing like religion or poliitcs.  I am talking about the day to day misunderstandings that make life confusing and that ALL people experience.  This makes it easier than assuming it is only me that misunderstands all of the time.  Maybe it is working in a preschool or having three crazy kids, but the answer you get doesn't always answer the question you are asking.  For example, "did you change your underwear?" is not the same question as "did you change your underwear today?"   Or another example, "did you read?" is not the same as "did you read your assigned book." Even another example, "did you throw away your gum?" is not the same as "did you throw away your gum in the trashcan?"  I think asking the right (unless it is left) or correct question is not easy.

At the grocery store I witnessed the "Right Question Phenomenon" in the parking lot.  I parked by a small sedan with it's hood open.  Sitting in the car were two women, an older one and a younger one.  Parked in front of them was an enormous F17000+6 Ford pick up.  The thing was big enough to haul a movie theater.  I hopped out and asked the older woman if they needed a jump.  She said they were waiting for roadside assistance.  I asked again if she needed a jump.  She said yes, but didn't know how to do it.   She had jumper cables, but didn't know how to use them.  I told her I would give her a jump, no big deal.  I walked over to the monster truck guy to ask him if he would mind moving.  This tiny little man hopped out and snippily informed me, "they told me they needed roadside assistance, I asked if they needed help!"  He proceeded to get their car started in two minutes.  I think he wasn't specific enough in his question and they weren't specific enough in their answer. 

I did tell the younger woman to come out of the car with her grandma to learn how to use the jumper cables.  It isn't hard and everyone should be able do it.  

We are having a mass invasion of those brown stink bugs. They are everywhere. We have never had them like this - gross.  No birds seem to be eating them, they must taste like ear wax.   One of the window screens reminds me of an aquarium, the kitten is riveted to it. I wonder if a praying mantis would eat them?

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