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Sunday, September 5, 2010

All Good and No Bad

Last post was about things we didn't want.  This post is about the things that we have wanted or that were good. I have entered them in no particular order.

A labrador pillow from my friend Carly.
Our new cat, Minnow.  Shhh, the kids will meet her tonight!
Ian's poison ivy is healing.
The Maryland State Fair (excluding the barfing).
A nice quilting day yesterday with my friend Amanda.
A smooth start to the school year.
I have read some great books in the last two weeks, the "Hunger Games" series and "handling Sin" by Michael Malone.  I had a great summer of reading!
Almost finished with my August quilt, I am proud of myself for consistently following through on the project.  I haven't had my usual project ADD.

September is here and in full swing and I wasn't finished with August yet.  It is stunningly beautiful weather this weekend, but feels like fall.  It feels like the kind of day to buy a mum and a pumpkin.


  1. Hey you, I have given you a bloggy award:

  2. Hi there! Came over from Mugpin - I bet the kids will be happy with the new addition!

  3. How did the kids like Minnow?