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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inspiration and More Inspiration

Ellen was telling me that her oratory is coming up and it needs to be on someone that inspires her.  I asked if she has any ideas.  Ian and Ned were in the car also.  You would think with all the media that we are exposed to that any of them would come up with an inspiring person - nope.  In fact, I have been struggling with the question as well.  There are always the standard choices, but as great as these figures are, do they still inspire?  Truly and passionately inspire? 

The oratory question did get off topic as Ellen said maybe she should do Patrick from SpongeBob.  My brain went fuzzy at this point, I despise SpongeBob.  I did tune in when Ellen quoted Patrick as saying "no one knows the economics of my mind."  I really turned this phrase over for awhile before asking if this was the correct expression, it is SpongeBob afterall.  Ellen says, "no it is the ukanemics, ecomenics, innomonics, innamenmes of my mind."  I took a deeeeeep breath.   "Is it maybe inner mechanism?", I asked.  Bingo.  I am not sure it is possible to know the imonemics of Ellen's mind.

I did get a little bit inspired to work in my sewing room.  I am inching toward finishing something.  I got inspired, okay aggravated, to tear out the border I was trying to Y-seam.  I have cut the pieces to sew on an un-mitered border, phew!

I got inspired to do some cooking in the kitchen.  I made my carrot soup, yummy delicious and creamy.  Last night over a dinner of carrot soup Ned inquires, "if you poison me dead and bury me in the dirt box will anyone know?"  I assured him that indeed someone would find out I had done it, the pot of soup would be evidence.  This is why I don't enjoy cooking anymore.

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