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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yoga Nidra

Every now and then I catch a yoga nidra class at HopeWell Cancer Support Center.  It is a form of meditation and I like the teacher of the class.  You lay on the mat and she talks you through relaxation, it is very soothing.  About a third of the way through she asks you to focus on a word, something on your mind.  This week my word was inspiration.  I have to say I was truly inspired this weekend, more than I have been in quite awhile.  This weekend I have almost finished a quilt for a little boy I know who is in Hopkins for chemo.  He was just diagnosed and will be there full-time for at least a month, then months of chemo after that.  The quilt I made is really cute, simple but cheerful.  It makes me feel good when I really make something nice.  I have also almost finished the binding on another small quilt and got the border on another.   I got my applique quilt from MAQ assembled and now have to add borders.  I do not love applique at all, but this quilt is pretty.  I have made half a baby hat.  I struggle more and more with neuropathy, my hands are sore from all of this.

I am going to say something that very few quilters say for real life.  Usually, quilters have hordes of fabric - hordes and hordes actually.  I have very little fabric and it is all small pieces.  I have a couple of bags to donate to the guild, they are pieces I will never use, but not much left to make new quilts.  I hope this inspiration continues.  I am going to work on finishing up older projects that are lurking in corners.  I have yarn to use also, but I am only a marginal knitter.  I have trouble reading patterns and then keeping count. 


  1. SYNCHRONICITY! On Friday night I went to my first ever yoga nidra class at Rolling Brook Yoga. It was amazing. There were all these people who said afterwards that they felt sleepy (and the woman next to me went to sleep and snored audibly) but I didn't feel at all sleepy. For at least part of the relaxation exercise I felt like all the tension and the little bodily pains that are part of me just...disappeared. I enjoyed it.

    I am also glad that you have found some inspiration and energy to do some creative work.

  2. The secret to keeping track of a pattern? A photocopy of the pattern, a brightly colored pen and copious notes...