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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Typical Weekend

I pulled weeds and now have a, fortunately small, patch of poison ivy. 

I also woke up with a tick on my ear, Ian very nicely removed it for me.  

The cat barfed up a hairband hairball. 

Two kids, two cats and a labrador slept in bed with me last night, because we had a big storm with thunder and lightning.  The kitten was so happy to have so much company all in the same spot that she spent all night marching to a purring beat all over each of us.  It is hard to sleep with a cat percolating on your head. 

Juno left a dead chipmunk on the doormat.

I got five pieces in the jigsaw puzzle that has been on the table since January.  I think gluing and saving puzzles is totally dorky, but I may do it with this one.  Finishing it will be an accomplishment.

Vacuumed up about fifty stink bugs and I am looking at one belly up on the table in front of me.  They are everywhere!

I Made my "May Flowers" squirrel quilt.  I watched two squirrels tease Minnow, they were having the best time tormenting her.  She was in the crook of a tree and they would run around and chatter to her and then run to the other side.  All you could see of her was her tail going back and forth, she finally gave up.

I Finished 750 pages of the most boring book ever!   The last Jean Auel book was excruciating, if she didn't have a cult following this book would never sell a copy.  It was a MAJOR disappointment.  If I didn't have that neurotic habit of having to finish a book if I start it, I would have quit at page 100. 


  1. I am starting to get over my habit of "must finish this book". And I am very much enjoying John Le Carre at the moment. Try him!

  2. I quit reading the Ayla books after number 3. Number 1 was so good, but once Jondalar came into the picture, it was just a bonk-fest. Really, a pre-historic Harlequin with Ayla inventing everything from horseback riding to new forms of hunting? Arg.

  3. Hi there and thanks for making yourself known to me on my blog. I have been drawn by your frank postings in yours and the way your family is so like mine! I would love the recipe for your carrot and ginger soup if you have it emailable? Thanks - Clare