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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dashes and Dots

A couple of weeks ago I told a friend we never see turtles by my house, so of course yesterday we saw a turtle.  We were driving down Hillside and big turtle was in the middle of the road.  We pulled over to move him to the side.  I wasn't expecting so heavy - guessing 25 lbs - nor the speed of his snapper.  I quickly put him back on the ground so I wouldn't lose a finger.  By now several cars, bikes and motorcycles have stopped to look.  We stayed until he/she had crossed the road.  I had pulled into a long road that winds to the pond you can see from my house, two cars were trying to get by me.  I sped ahead to get out of their way and then rolled down the window to apologize for blocking their driveway.  They were going to the pond to release their pet turtles and asked if we wanted to go along.  Of course!! Turns out the boys had the turtles for 12 years and felt they should be free.  Those two turtles hit the dirt and dove right into the pond.  We could see one of them chasing fish within minutes.  The family was teary-eyed.  Turns out their boys go to McD also and they live down the road from us.  As we were driving out, we passed the big turtle.  He/she was really making good speed.   When we got home we read up on Maryland Snappers.

Ned and I have poison ivy.  Ned is also covered in little red dots, he was eaten alive by some little bug.  He must be tasty.   His PI is on his leg, mine is of course on my face.  I must have gotten a cut or something, because I have an infection around my eye.  My immune system isn't working well.  It looks really gross.  The only good thing is the infection hurts so bad the PI isn't bothering me at all. 

Here is the spring picture of my disintegration art.  I have now had them hanging for a year.

My poor sewing studio is collecting dust and dead stink bugs, maybe after school is out I will have time to quilt.


  1. Ok, What is disintegrations art? Can I call the cardboard box in my yard that is rapidly disintegrating, art? Or must it be purposeful?

  2. Enjoyed your dashes and dots. It is always fun to read about your adventures and other things.

  3. When school is over, let's re-start knit night. We could see if any of our other knitting/quilting friends would like to join!