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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unglued and Carrot Crack Soup

The boys wore me down into getting BB guns- "with their own money."  I gave them a long list of rules, which for now seem to be holding.  We shall see how long it is until Ellen gets hit with a BB.   She will be contemplating what color the sky is in her world and wander into the target area.  There is something satisfying about hearing the ping of the tin can.

I got quite a bit accomplished on a baby quilt that Teri and I have been working on together.  I added boucoup de embellishments, sticking to my mantra of there never being enough glitter or sprinkles.  Teri does not live by this creed and may groan when she sees what I did.  I used up the cool Swarovski crystals from Houston and can't find more online, I didn't know it was possible to not find something  on the internet.

I made two squirrel quilts, because remember my kids did not want me to make squirrel quilts in 2011.  Ellen has asked me repeatedly where her birthday squirrel quilt is.  This was after she told me she wanted to see dog sled racing for her birthday......what?  As you all know, if you do something for one kid, it has to be done for the others.  Surprise- Ian gets a birthday squirrel also.  I asked Teri if she wanted one, but she declined.  At the quilt show I found really cute precut/preglued die-cut acorns, she might want to rethink her decision.

Speaking of preglued, I got a bad batch of Pellon fusible and think I might lose my mind with it.  I can't get it off the backing paper.  It adheres fine, it just won't peel.  There have been bad words used up in my sewing room.  Why does Joann's keep the fusible behind the counter, do people steal it?  Is it dangerous like epinephren?  The clerk did not take kindly to my request to check out several bolts and then my decision to not buy any.  Odds are I would get the same $%^& bolt.  I am going to pay more and just buy it at the good fabric store, my sanity is worth the extra dollar.

 I make this fabulously delicious carrot ginger soup.  If I didn't make it and know all the ingredients I would think it could be drugged, I crave this soup.  It is a yummy combination of flavors and easy to make.  My last batch was missing basil and it needs the basil definitely.  Tomorrow I am going to make another pot of soup and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner over the weekend.  Ned told his class about the soup and asked me to make it.  Last time we had it Amanda was over and Ned was so busy chatting that he ate about two bites.  Homemade garlic bread and a salad make a perfect meal.  I also need a homemade chocolate chip cookie - tomorrow!


  1. You bedazzled the monster truck? Hmm...

  2. Thinking of you :)


  3. I cannot think of BB guns without thinking about A Christmas Story: "You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"

  4. I want the recipe for carrot soup! Oh, yah, and, you make me tired just hearing about all of your quilting!