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Monday, March 21, 2011

fire, flood, VOMIT AND BLOOD

Those are the only four things you can use as an excuse if you are going to wake up Mom in the night.  We have had two of these events, fortunately not in the night.  We went to Great Wolf Lodge for three days and had a great time.  We were on 695, fifteen minutes from home when Ian spewed all over the backseat.  I could hear vomit hitting the back of my seat, the floor, basically all over sloshy.  Ellen bursts into hysterical crying, who knows why?  The dog panics and tries to hop over into the third seat and gets stuck. That ninety pound labrador is the biggest wussy.   I burst out laughing.  Ian shouts out, "I feel better, and hey, look at the bacon."  Ned is trying to yank the dog out of the way so he can study the chunks, boys are so gross!  I spent the next two hours cleaning.

Yesterday was not a great day.  I have this cold/cough/sinus/feel like death kind of thing.  We canceled Ellen's birthday party, she was VERY gracious to give up her day of fun.  Ian and I lay on the couch watching the Harry Potter movie marathon, it was pitiful.  I went into the kitchen to clean up slightly and cut my finger on a knife.  I was bleeding everywhere and sure I was going to need stitches, but it sealed back up nicely.  If I keep the band-aid on it stays sealed.  

I made it through work today, but have been resting this afternoon.  I went to sit on the patio to get some sunshine on me, but the couch is a better spot.  I have been just slightly sick since September, I don't know if it is the vaccine trial or chemo, but it really stinks!


  1. Ugh, that sounds just awful. Glad you didn't need stitches.

    Ian bounced back quick! I usually feel sort of pathetic and whiny for hours after a good barf.

  2. I quote, "The emission of any bodily fluid makes you feel better." True.