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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring and Fling

Signs of spring are: snow drops, daffodils peeking up, hot weather, cold weather, wind, woodpeckers madly tapping and absolutely wild kids.  If it doesn't stay warm sooner rather than later, I will have to fling myself in front of a bus bound for some place far away.  Being picked up or run over will get me away from: repetitive singing, ball throwing, headstands, whining, muddy laundry, stinky shoes and general indoor boredom. 

I had planned on coming home from work and doing all the things I don't like doing all in one fell swoop, instead I cranked the heat in my sewing room and worked on a bird quilt.  I think it will be quite cute.  I still haven't put the sleeve on my quilt for the show and it is next week.  I really need to get some real things completed, not just quilting, but real life thangs. 

Super Bowl weekend we started a jigsaw puzzle that is so hard, today I put together three pieces.  I am on a roll.  The kids declared it too hard and won't help me, it didn't look that hard when I got it.  I wonder how many pieces kittenlove has carried off.  I am about ready to put it back in the box and admit defeat.   I think we will build a fire tomorrow night and I will give them the choice to help with the puzzle or fold laundry.  Nothing like MAKING someone enjoy your interests.  Ian just read this and told me it should read "their interests", so unsuspecting!


  1. Yay for quilting tomorrow. My mother is coming up for the Quilt Show weekend, I should bring her over to babysit while you are at the show, she is a puzzleMASTER. She has the patience to work on them forever, even the hardest ones, and a good eye for both the picture and the puzzle shapes she needs.

  2. I'm jealous! You have more spring than we do. I wish I had someone to quilt with. Maybe then I would learn! Happy puzzling.