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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shucked Corn, Peaches and Snakes

I went to the Towson Farmer's Market today, because I was super motivated after being at the Farmer's Market in Madison, WI.  The Madison market ringed the capitol building and was jam-packed with flowers, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats and breads.  It was also jammed with people. It was amazing.  I can't figure out why our Farmer's Markets aren't as grand, we have as much produce and a longer season.  They had a booth with nothing but different garlic, here I saw one stand with a little bit of garlic.  I bought dill, carrots, cucumber, peaches, lima beans, squash, corn and tomatoes.  The peaches are super yummy, I have already eaten two of them. 

When I was five and played with my neighbor, Paul, we were convinced you would DIE if you at the fur on the peaches.  For years I only ate nectarines.  But since I was a genius at an early age, I figured out you can cut the fur off the peaches.  I have loved peaches ever since.  Once during the rough chemo my friend's brought over a still-warm fresh made peach pie.  This one little event was a close-to-heaven occurence, it is often something small that is transcendent. 

The corn I bought is the sweet white corn from this area, it really can't be beat.  It has little kernels and big taste, corn represents summer to me.  A lady in front of me imperiously told the guy "TO SHUCK IT FOR HER." She was totally serious!  She said, "do you expect me to shuck it myself? I have never done that." Oh brother, the world is full of kooky primadonnas. 

I fortunately checked the pool skimmers today, I saved the life of a little frog and a little snake.  I am not a snake fan, but he was outside on his own turf.  I scooped him out and put him in the woods.   They were lucky the skimmers were full of crepe myrtle blossoms and leaves, it gave them a float so they wouldn't drown.

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