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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sewing Machine Blues and No Quilt Stores

My sewing machine went haywire July 24th, I could even tell you the hour.  I was so bummed.  The house was quiet.  I felt like quilting.  I had a fun project.  I just didn't have a cooperating machine, so I drove it over to Bear's Paw for cleaning and repairs.  It is driving me crazy not to have it here, just knowing I can't quilt if I wanted to is bothering me.  Fortunately, they just left a message saying it is ready for pick-up.  If the chemo blues are gone tomorrow, I will go pick it up.  Whoohoo!! 

I was so disappointed that there were not many quilt stores in Minneapolis and Madison.  My friend Jane located "Glad Creations" and we enjoyed the store very much.  I only bought a pattern and a fat quarter.  The store had a nice selection of mystery quilts, but I need to finish some existing projects.

I did go to a couple of fabulous bookstores.  I went to the most wonderful children's bookstore, I think called the Wild Rumpus.  It had chickens a lizard and an amazing selection of books.  I also visited the bookstore owned by Louise Erdrich, which was small but thoughtfully chosen books. 

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