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Thursday, August 12, 2010

July's quilt and Juno

I am trying to savor to the fullest the last days of summer vacation.  It is going by too quickly.  In the book "Catch 22" one of the characters cultivates boredom (can't remember the character's name).  This idea has always stuck with me.  The nameless guy in the book never does anything exciting, because it makes time fly by.  He would lie on his bunk doing nothing to try and slow down time, it never worked.  Time continues to fly by.  We aren't doing anything exciting, just trying to enjoy the dog days of summer. I am sucking up all the relaxation of nothing to do, unstructured days!! 

I did complete my July quilt, technically in August, but finished none the less.  I based this quilt off the lakes and beautiful flowers of Minneapolis.  I was really struck by the amazing flowers.  I was just so impressed with Minneapolis, I could easily see living there - I now need to visit in the winter.

The kids and I lay out squares to make a comfy blanket for the couch.  I bought minky in animal prints and it is so soft.  I think Minky is really hard to sew, I am sure there is a trick that I don't know.  It is going to be a lot of mismatched seams.  I came into my room and Juno was lying on the squares, he looks nice on the different prints.  A real jungle cat!

Today each kid is having a friend over to swim.......it is pouring rain.

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