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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Reading and Bike Accidents

Ellen has been assigned for summer reading the book "The Outsiders".  She has told me that she doesn't like it so far, but she may revise her opinion.  The fifteen year old babysitter told her it is his favorite book ever.  I am not sure Ellen has any reference for this book.  When I read it, the Crips and Bloods were really at war and spreading through the U.S.  I had just seen "Grease"; never missed "Happy Days"; loved Mustangs and Paul Newman.  Ellen doesn't have a knowledge of the fifties.  Class struggle now is portrayed as snotty little rich girls or gangster rappers.  "The Outsiders" had a beautiful realism that is lacking in our grossly exaggerated society.

The OutsidersI decided to reread it, and for me it has really held up with time.  S.E. Hinton started the book when she was fifteen after hearing of a friend being beat up.   It was published in 1967, but still has a timeless story. The book's characters are so real,  it is an excellent book.   Ponyboy reads "Gone with the Wind" to Johnny while they are laying low.  This is another book I have not read in years, but will start next.  I was so disappointed with the "Catcher in the Rye", but still love "the Outsiders". 

It is so hot here and I can't get my pus-nodule injection sites wet for another three days.  The pool is the perfect temperature and I am side-lined, sitting with a panting, stink-breathed labrador.

The kids have had bike spills this week - each and every kid.  Ned is scabbed everywhere, Ian is complaining of his shoulder, but Ellen has the best story.  She loaned her bike to a friend and rode off on her old bike.  She rode off on the old bike with no helmet and without mentioning the bike had no brakes.  She rode down a hill - no brakes - crashed into the neighbors tennis court chain link fence.  She is black and blue, but fortunately not hurt worse than she could have been.  She bent the bike to a crazy angle and was really quite lucky.  Only the school of hard knocks made Ellen say, "I am never riding without my helmet again."  Doesn't matter I have screeched at her one million times to wear her helmet.  I am just back ground noise, static interference.

Friday I am off to the Mid Appalchian Quilt Symposium (MAQ) and I am really excited! I am taking three classes and will post pictures next week.  Whoohoo, this will be the first quilting I have done in weeks!  I still have to do the class prep work, hopefully I won't be cutting fabric late Thursday night!

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