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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FIVE and Nothing

I am back to five items on the side column.  I am feeling well enough to do stuff and report on it.  I have more than one thing on my mind, really.  I was bored with listing accomplishments, because I don't really accomplish much. 

Today was a glorious day of nothing.  We hung around the house just being summer time lazy.  It was rainy and blah.  I did some quilting and actually have a dilemma.  I have too many projects going on at the same time.  I have five quilts in various stages on my design wall.  I need to put something away, but I am really enjoying all of them.  I also have one quilt that just needs me to piece the back and two that need bindings.   I need a burst of manic energy, too bad I don't seem to have received any special powers from the meteorite.

I went to see "Eclipse" tonight, yes the dorky old lady at the movie alone!  I was next to three giggly teenage girls.  They were so silly and obviously on the side of Jacob.  They kept oohing, aahing and sighing over all the cornball lines.  They were actually squealing.  The movie was painful.

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