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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trails and Trials

One evening this week I did not do any inquiry of what homework Ellen might have.  It is a long drawn out process and sometimes I am just too tired.  The conversations go something like this.
Me, do you  have homework?
Ellen, yes.
Me, what is it?
Ellen, I don't know.
Me, how can you not know?
Ellen, I wrote it down, but didn't look at it.
Me, was it something you discussed in class.
Ellen, yes.
Me, so what did you talk about in class.
Ellen, I don't know.

Tuesday I did not ask, but Wednesday morning I asked if it was completed.
Ellen, yes.
Me, what was it.
Ellen, english.
Me, what did you have to do?
Ellen, research.
Me (with ever mounting irritation), research on WHAT?
Ellen, it was snopes, no slopes, no, the scopes monkey trail!
Me, the scopes monkey trail?  How did that go for you?
Ellen, there was nothing on the internet about it.
Me, so what was it about?
Ellen (with a long pause), land?
Me, you didn't really do your homework did you?  The reason you couldn't find anything is because it is the Scopes Monkey TRIAL not TRAIL.

Ellen was saved by the arrival of the school bus.  I having been laughing over it for days, even if it exasperating.

She also told me she swam three heaps in her swim meet. 

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