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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Fabric and Ned

Bear's Paw was having a sale today, so I went and bought some fabric for different projects coming up.  I bought two patterns and a book also.  I took pictures of my last two fabric purchases, including Houston.  They had the buttons like the one I lost in Houston, I did not buy another one.  They have a lot of projects involving wool felt.  I think wool felt projects are homey.  Speaking of wool, where is Chummi Bear???

Tuesday I made a quilt titled "Doggy Heaven", lots of balls, chowchows, sun, grass and water.   It is very hard to get the photos to line up, on top of them not being great, really frustrates me. 

We are dog sitting Sarah, Hoover's sister.  No matter how much I watch out, she always manages to roll in deer poo.  Today was mainly mud, fortunately, but she stinks! 

Ned is the only one home right now and he has been watching a tv show about finding/tracking different creatures around the world.  Coming down the stairs I have discovered a trail of M&M's evenly spaced about every 4 feet.  Now the only thing he is going to catch is a grumpy mom or a stinky labrador.  Of course, he has no idea how they got there.  Ned in general is a strewer.   This room he  has strewn nerf darts.  In the kitchen he has strewn a science project involving corks, matches and water.  The living room has had a bomb detonated in it, that is the only way to explain the mess.  He is now upstairs making "things" out of duct tape, little pieces are strewn everywhere.  He leaves a trail that is easy to track.  I am really glad he entertains himself, but he is bottled chaos (pronounced chowse).

Happy New Year!  May the year be filled with family, friends, good books, beautiful fabrics, yummy food and good health.

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  1. Looking at that fabric makes me feel that I would like to go out and fondle some fabric. The problem is that some of it might follow me home, sit around my house glaring at me, demanding to be stored away or made into something.

    I don't need new fabric, I have so much here making me feel guilty for not making something out of it.

    When do you want to get together for a day or evening of sewing? Some Wednesday?