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Monday, December 27, 2010

My Fine Furry Friend

April 1996-December 2010
This morning I took Riley to the vet to be be put to sleep.  It was incredibly heartbreaking.  To make matters worse,  he was having a good day - up without help and eating.  He received the "the needle of oblivion" and even though it was the right thing to do, I feel terrible.  I miss him.  I hope he is chasing tennis balls in a big warm field with his best dog friend Bo.

I know Riley loved me, but this poem is good. I hope I post it correctly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hvqipvqn8zE&feature=player_detailpage

The kids and I went to a movie that was disappointing.  Gulliver's Travels was not good and I had hoped it would be.  The same old Jack Black role and formulaic plot.  The kids liked it at least. 

I am reading "the Historian", which is good.  It has been on my list and Maddy gave me a copy for Christmas.  After I finish that I will read "Copper Sun" by Sharon M. Draper.   The seventh grade will be starting a unit on slavery and that is the reading.  It won the Coretta Scott  King Award and is supposed to be quite intense.  I want to be able to discuss it with Ellen, she is squeamish.   

I am going up to my sewing room to putter and think about cute Riley.


  1. I know how hard it is, I'm sorry you guys are missing Riley.

    But THANK YOU for that poem! I have a dog who could have written it.


  2. We had a similar experience when we made the hard decision to put our Ellie to sleep. Our vet makes house calls so that she could be at home. When our vet and husband (friends of ours) came to the door, Ellie greeted them just like always, big tail wagging and as excited as a sick dog could be. Our friend commented "What are we doing?" but we ultimately knew it was time. We miss her every day. She was our first baby. Thanks for sharing all your highs and lows.