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Sunday, November 21, 2010


PHEW to the following:

One mouse caught by the kitten.
Leaves blown into the woods.
White quilt almost finished, rounding final corner on the binding.
November quilt completed and I think it might be my favorite.  I am too lazy to look for the phone and cord - picture to follow.
Dr. Fetting's quilt just needs the binding stitched down.
Bathrooms clean. Laundry clean.  Kid's rooms clean.  Catbox clean.
A perfect fire in the fireplace and all is quiet.  Ellen is watching tv and the boys are playing bandits.  It is good to have dress-ups.
New dog beds, disgusting old ones thrown away.
It is almost bedtime, I am worn out.  I did a lot this weekend.
It is almost peppermint joejoe time,  I have been waiting all year.  Santa I have been good.
No chemo for the holidays.
The Harry Potter movie was not a let down.


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