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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Famous People and My Disintegration Project

Houston was a gigantic success, except I really needed to have been there one more day.  I just wasn't ready to leave, I didn't get to see everything.  I did not buy many things, but what I bought was very cool.  I bought fusible, metallic bias tape; a beadazzler type thing; a hand-marbled scarf and a tiny bit of fabric.  I arrived late Thursday evening to a very nice hotel, but with only a smoking room - truly gross.  They moved us the next morning fortunately. Friday morning Teri and I took a silk collage class.  It was a three hour class, but really needed to be longer.  I enjoyed it.  I worked on the quilt today in the oncology office.
We met up with my friend Amanda at lunch time and then wandered around the quilt exhibition hall.  The special exhibit was Baltimore Album quilts.  If you are not familiar with these quilts look them up on the internet.  The quilts take years to make and are all done by hand - piecing and quilting.  The other exhibits were diverse, technical and flawless.  It is a real coup to get a quilt in this show.   After viewing the quilts, Teri and I went to the Houston Opera house to see "Madame Butterfly".  I don't really like opera, possibly it would help if I knew anything about it.  I find the constant singing wearying.  The set and costumes were beautiful, it had a revolving stage.  I just couldn't get past a story of a Japanese woman and American man being sung all in Italian.  It was a nice experience though.

Saturday we met Cheryl and Amanda for breakfast and then went over to see all the vendors.  We made pillowcases in the charity section and viewed more quilts.  Teri and I happened to be be on hand for Kafe Facett's talk on his quilts.  He is a famous designer and can also be looked up on the internet.  For quilters it is like meeting Elvis.  The other famous person we saw was my friend Cheryl, she got to demo her light up quilts.  She is a clever, talented artist.  Each of the quilts has LED lights.  I then went to dinner at my friend Mari and Shawn's house.  They have a beautiful home in the suburbs of Houston.  Their house was warm, inviting and lovely.  I found out that Houston has NO zoning laws, so you can build a gas station next to a mansion.  They have moved into a planned community, that way they can't have that happen.  It is always nice to see college friends.

I left early Sunday morning.  It was too short of a time to spend with Teri and see all that needed to be seen.

I have added a pictures of my disintegration artwork.   The leaves here are almost finished, but the Crepe Myrtle is always the last to turn.  The project on the right, that is hard to see, fell on the ground and I had to rehang it.  It got so heavy from the rains.

We have been making pumpkin pies quite a bit, yummy for breakfast.  My grandma would always take the extra crust and make little cinnamon rolls.  I like making them for the kids, it reminds me of grandma.  She also gave me a love of sugar cookies, fudge and fried egg sandwiches.  We lived with my grandma most of my life until I was 21. I miss her.

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  1. Hey nice to meet you across the Pond. I love your silk collage quilt - you didn't do all that in a day????????