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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Travellers Quilt

I am taking an internet class course with Dijanne Cevaal from Australia called Travellers Blankets. I have been admiring her work on a blog for years. I like the idea of sewing as a journey. Most likely I will journey part of the way and get a diversion like the parting of the Red Sea and abandon my trip. I need some motivation. I will try and post what I do.

The first part is dying the fabric and getting it ready for the trip. I am going to use bleach sprayed on with a water bottle. You lay down leaves to make a pattern. I try so hard to use only what I have on hand, but of course I have no batting. I am not going to buy dyes either. I think I want to use brights-as usual-and do nature motifs. I will have to throw in some furry creatures, because cat hair will be there anyway. I am making my quilt smaller than hers as well.


I am afraid my quilting days are almost over. My blogging days as well, I can't make things turn out well anymore. All the brain tumors are not helping and chemo has stretched me thin (not literally though). I cannot buy anything new!! Boring, boring, boring.

I have been knitting a scarf. Ellen taught me how to cast-on again and I watched a video on the pattern. It twists so you can't see the mistakes as easily. I love the yarn. I had bought it at "Sheep and Wool" several years ago. I may finish it for this season, I have been sitting at many soccer practices.

i took a fun class with Cheryl Sleboda from Muppin.Com.  I made a Christmas tree  and star with the intent to embellish and enjoy during the holiday season. It was a fun class. I also got to hang out with Cheryl for a day. She gave a light-up kit to Ned. He was so excited, but we haven't made it yet. I got an extra in case one of the other Wild Ones wants to make something.

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