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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Travellers Blanket II

I made my whole fabric backing for the blanket. I did not love it! It is what I made and what I am working with - it will hopefully grown on me. For the back I used a piece of brown from my stash that was big enough. I hand colored with Sharpie fabric pens some bright colors after this picture was taken.
I made two "squares" or "journeys" today. My camera didn't pick up the colors at all (the new IPhone camera is stinky), one is bright green and the other hot pink. For whatever reason a space/star motif is what is happening. My journey isn't really going to be about life or places I have been, but fabrics from other projects. I have saved snips and snaps from other things. These random pieces are being assembled into shapes. It was nice to ponder the quilts that these little pieces have come from. I am going to machine quilt as if individual squares and then at the end go back and fill in the empty places with black thread. The quilting was fun!

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