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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quilty Stuff

I am still gathering pictures of really big things.  Here is a picture of Ian with the biggest bag of licorice - crazy. 

Sideways, but a fence with flowers
I had really nice weekend at MAQ (two weeks ago).  The first day was spent landscape painting fabric.  After it dried, we used thread to embellish the quilt.  I really enjoyed this class, enough that I may look into a watercolor painting class.  I really don't need another hobby though.  The second day I took a fabric weaving class.  We put double sided fusible on two different fabrics, cut them in strips and wove them back together.  I liked this very much, it gave the fabric a totally different look.  I think I am going to make placemats this way.  The third day I took a class on freezer paper applique.  The teacher was interesting, organized and helpful.  I would take classes from her again.  It was the best MAQ I have had. 

My June quilt shows that it was a happy month, only marred by my black eye.  July is the woven quilt from MAQ, two gerber daisy woven into one. 

January - year of the rabbit and football.
February - bare trees and snow.
March - Ellen's birthday squirrel.
April - Ian's birthday squirrel.
May - two squirrels teasing Minnow

I have to get working on Ned's birthday squirrel.


  1. The black eye square is awesome.

  2. Can I change my mind and request my very own squirrel square?