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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Eww and Eww

Yesterday, Hoover and Juno had vet appts for booster vaccines.  Ian volunteered to go with me and at the last moment Ned hopped in the car.  I told him not to come, because the boys always get silly.  They swore up and down that it wouldn't happen this time.  There I am in a tiny exam room with a yowling cat, a drooling/peeing/stressed out dog, and two boys carrying on maniacally.  Of course it took forever.  It got so bad that I opened the door and shoved Ian out into the waiting room.  I wondered why I didn't just go sit out there and leave everyone else in the room.  The vet decided to scale the cat's teeth.  The tech has the cat pinned, the vet is scraping away and both boys are so close Ned says, "eww, that smells bad."  So gross.

We were gone all day yesterday so I didn't check the pool skimmers as usual.  If I had, maybe I could have averted such a disaster, but am not sure.  This morning in the skimmers I found about thirty dead baby frogs.  It was quite sad and also disgusting - EWW!  I had planned to go in the pool to float and read.  I don't really feel like it now. 

I bought a handy little gadget at the vet.  It looks like the side of the hammer that is split down the middle, but it is a tiny size.  It is a tick extractor.  You slide the tick into the prongs and pull.  Ticks are bad this year,  Hoover had two by his eye on Tuesday. 

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  1. So it was you, the vet, and room full of wild animals? I'm telling you, you should write a book.

    Getting so excited for the Mid Appalachian Quilters Symposium!!! Are you finished with your prep? If not, want to do some prepping this week?