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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Flip Flop Flee

Things have been lousy around here.  I can't actually mention what is going on, because the kids are dying of embarrassment.  I have been spending mucho time washing and COMBING hair.  I have washed and or bagged every piece of upholstered item in multiple rooms.  Turns out you can hire a professional "picker" to come take care of this, I am on the cusp of doing it.  It is outrageously expensive, but urchin number one has missed two days of school.  I have never wanted a test to be passed so badly.

I escaped the infestation this weekend by going to DC.  I got to take the White House Garden tour.  It was a beautiful day.  I spent all Saturday downtown seeing the sites.  I did not see the new MLK monument, too crowded and too far off the mall for casual walking.  I went to Eastern Market, which was a really wonderful area I had not been to.  We walked the open air market and then strolled to the Capitol. 

I have the idea for my October quilt.  I was looking at my refrigerator quilts and reflecting on how quickly a year goes by - crazy. 

I am off to do something new like go grocery shopping.  Once again it is old mother hubbards cupboard around here.  We are down to condiments and the gross ones at that.


  1. I am so so sorry to hear about your un-named problem. My sister has been through it with her kids, and it's just a pain for the entire family.

  2. My friend has had similar problems with her kids and finally, out of complete frustration she had her son's head shaved. She cried all day but he didn't care and he looked really good!