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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Finished the one and only squirrel quilt.
Finished Round 3 of the vaccine trial.
Finished fighting a cold and just gave in.
Finished thinking I need to read a book to the end, just because I started it.  I am tired of reading Ayelet Waldman's whining.
Finished my October quilt.
Finished the laundry.
Finished uploading some new music, new to me anyway. 
Finished being licked to absolute distraction by the kitten, damn she just started again.
Last weekend Ned and I hung out together, the big kids had other activities.  Ned wanted to go down to Ft. McHenry.  He ran everywhere, helped unfurl the big flag, climbed trees, ate a picnic lunch, watched the park police ticket a bicyclist, and just reveled in having undivided attention.  A nice aspect of the east coast is having all the historical sites to visit.

This flag is 30x42 and was the size flown the day after the British gave up on taking the city of Baltimore.  It was the battle of 1812 and the motivation for our national anthem.  The winds have to be greater than 5 knots and less than 12 to fly it.  It takes 3-5 park rangers to hoist it up.  They need a new flag every couple of years.  The original flag was wool and weighed 50 lbs.  It is at the American History Museum of the Smithsonian.  The original flag was made by Mary Pickersgill.  I have been to the fort one time when the big flag was flying.   The other days they fly a flag half the size. 

If weather cooperates and no one is sick we will go down to the mall next Saturday or Sunday.  Lockheed is sponsoring a weekend of science, there will be a thousand science exhibits set up.  I think that is what Maddy told me, she will be working in a portable planetarium. 

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  1. Toni, your quilts are beautiful. Do you plan your own designs too? I truly enjoy seeing your wonderful creations. You are so talented in expressing yourself with art and words. Thank you for sharing the history info too. Aunt Lou